Autumn Days…

…and the grass is dewy, and the silk inside the chestnut shell…..

Sorry for the radio silence, but it has been a busy few weeks. The end of the summer holidays seems to be a long time ago, and our trip to Cornwall even longer (which it is!), and the start of school has been a bit on the crazy side. I have started a new job, which I am loving so far. I am now a Pastoral Support Worker at a primary school, and I think I am going to like it.

That has meant that everything else has gone out of the window recently though. The house is a tip, the washing needs doing, and my poor business has been a bit neglected. I feel like I am getting my new routine sorted out though and normal order will be restored soon.

And it is Autumn, my favourite season of the year. I know that lots of you, like my lovely friend Heather from Pink Milk, hate the passing of Summer and wear flip flops until your toes freeze, but I’m not one of them. I love wearing boots, I love eating stews and roasts, soups and crumbles, I love dahlias, I love lighting candles, getting the crochet out and feeling cosy. It won’t be long until we have the first fire of the year. Bliss.


I have been making the most of the blackberries this year too, and have even started thinking about Christmas presents. I usually make a few, and this year some lucky people are going to be getting my homemade Blackberry Vodka. I followed A Thrifty Mrs‘ recipe, which is as follows:

110g caster sugar

300g blackberries

50cl vodka

I used golden caster sugar as I didn’t have any white, and I used the cheapest vodka I could find. I did buy a pretty bottle to make it in as I didn’t have any jars free though! Put all the ingredients in a bottle or Kilner jar and shake until all the sugar has dissolved. Store in a dark place and shake every few days. Leave for 6 weeks, but longer is fine. Strain through muslin into clean bottles and either drink it or give it as gifts if you can bear to part with it! The blackberries can be used as a sauce for ice cream, or through yogurt (although probably not recommended for breakfast).


IMG_5701I notice the sloes are looking good in the hedgerows too, and as I drank the last of the sloe gin at Christmas, I think that could be the next Autumn make. That will be in a couple of weeks though, as I am being treated to a girly weekend in Stockholm this weekend by two amazing friends to celebrate a big birthday I have coming up next month. I am a very lucky girl!

Stay cosy xx



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